I’m visiting my boyfriends grandpa and his fiancé in norcal and its beautiful.
He lives right next to a forest and there were deer grazing on his neighbors front yard.
He also lives in a swanky retirement village and has a Mercedes convertible
I really like it here

oh man beyonce just made me cry a lot she has a beautiful family

(skip to 24:00 and watch for a few seconds or watch the whole thing its pretty good)

hahahaha wtf why would he nickname her nicole

why would she even need a nickname and why include it in the show

so random

Do you think he was high? Like I just watched him scale up a tree 200ft with no safety equipment I would need some serious help to be able to do that


Libra want everyone to get along and do not understand why some people behave meanly for no reason. This sign tries to be as nice as they can to people, even when they do not necessarily like you. 

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god I love Steve Irwin
He just picks up poo and bones and gets really excited about it. And he’s really respectful of the animals and treats then exactly how they should be treated
Except free handling venomous snakes that’s ridiculous I would never do that
But like he’s so passionate and cares a lot about conservation he knows so much about the animals it’s exactly what I want to do

I love snakes and lizards so much I just want to pick them up and talk about them like he does

the other day i was waiting for the light to change so i could cross the road and a car pulls up and the passenger starts talking to me asking me “yes or no?” “c’mon its nothing weird just answer the question” “what do you think it is?”

"what? i dont know what you’re talking about. i don’t know"

the driver wasn’t really paying attention just making sure the road was clear for his right turn and then they drove away as the light changed

it was weird and uncomfortable never talk to strangers

i found a bunch of crocodile hunter episodes on youtube and its wild!

steve irwin was absolutely insane. he just PICKS UP venomous snakes

its incredible and inspiring. it makes me really want to go find snakes to hold

my roommates weed smells so much better than mine…


I’m Kit, and this is my red-winged blackbird :)

Done by Dimas Reyes at Kingdom Studio in Sarasota, Fl. It’s exactly what I wanted & looks even better in person! Couldn’t recommend him highly enough to anybody in western Florida. 

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